“I've been really enjoying my work with Sandra. Though I've been the Director at my school for 10 years, I recognize I always have more to learn and more growth to achieve. I asked Sandra to consult with me as a Director just because I like to brainstorm new ideas with people, it helps me to finalize my thoughts. But I was surprised to find a whole lot more happened organically. Sandra asks questions, she's really, really good at it. She repeats what you say in a different way and then asks you to engage the topic on a whole new level. In my first session with her, I learned things about myself as a person and director that I hadn't known. Pretty much blew my mind. A similar thing happened our second session and I eagerly look forward to our third. She's helped me with ideas, as I hoped, but now I see there's more to engage and learn. I'm so glad to have found her. Sandra is also really great when meeting with families. I had her give a workshop to some new parents. Again, she asked those questions! I'm used to lecturing, telling parents what I think they should know. But I can't wait to try her "tricks" in engaging parents by asking them questions. I see they get a lot more out of the process.”

Kristin Edwards, owner of lifetime montessori school


“After only 3 sessions with Sandra I feel much more reassured of being able to provide the right environment at home for my son Neil. Her expertise in child development and Montessori gives her a great advantage and insight into helping families deal with parenting questions they might not have answers to. Sandra provides multiple detailed tailored solutions to tackle an issue by understanding your family’s individual dynamic. I see Sandra as a confidant and a friend who will objectively give thought through, well researched and practical parenting tips. She also lends a patient ear to your worries or frustrations regarding parenting. I'm so glad that our paths crossed, as her guidance has made a positive change in the way we parent and in our son Neil as well.”

hema, mom to 3-year-old neil


“I am very grateful for having Sandra speak to my school community. Her talk on how to make the most of one's preschool investment by understanding child development was just what we needed. Sandra's easy manner, non-judgmental tone, and deep understanding of the struggles toddler parents face encouraged even my most reserved parents to discuss freely their family situations. The mood remained light even when discussing difficult topics because she has a lovely sense of humor. Sandra also conducted the meeting in such a way that I was able to interject helpful specifics from time to time. It was so natural and easy you would have thought that we had co-developed the talk together. The parent community at Sage is now less burdened and more tight-knit having shared such a deep, almost therapeutic, session with Sandra. I highly encourage you to engage Sandra for your school, leadership, or family needs. You will not regret it.”

Zoe Paul, Owner of Sage Montessori School


"Sandra's ability to listen - to really listen - allowed me to work through my personal issues with setting and enforcing boundaries without feeling judged or ashamed. She was able to pull out the core issue holding me back from implementing certain boundaries I've been struggling with for years! I walked away with more clarity and a few actionable steps to help me work towards a healthier relationship with setting my own limits."

Kali EDwards, Owner & designer at June Mango


"I founded Montessori Child Development Center almost 40 years ago and am still directing the school. The world has changed so much since I then. The needs of our families are very different and adapting without losing our mission is a challenge. Our staff has met with Sandra twice and the dynamics of interaction with families has been redirected both for parent meetings and conferencing. I love the way she guides us to conclusions without judgement. After so many years of doing things the same way it is very helpful to receive gentle guidance for adjusting our methods of communication. I feel re-energized and hope is restored going forward. I feel blessed to have found Sandra."

Marijane Schafer, Owner of Montessori child development center


"My husband and I recently attended Sandra's parenting toddlers series. If you're a parent, you know how much energy it takes to raise your's non-stop. What I appreciated most about the series was it gave me space and time to reflect on how we are parenting our son. Sometimes we know what to do but we forget in the busyness of life  and need a reminder. Sandra offered a space to learn and reflect. Going each week held me accountable to the things I wanted to change and implement. It was so wonderful to have Sandra's perspective and guidance. I really feel like I have tools to draw from in this new toddler stage. I highly recommend this series, I'd love to take it again!" 

kiersten markham, mom to 2-year-old brixton


"Sandra leads her small groups with a sense of genuine caring for each person in the group.  Her questions are thought-provoking and lead to amazing self-discoveries. After every group meeting, I come away refreshed with renewed focus and glad that I took the time out of my busy day.  It really helps to see problems from other people's perspectives. It is especially helpful to be in a small group of Montessori Directors that understand (and have) the same problems that I do. The confidentiality and intimacy of the group allows for deep sharing, that you won't get in other support groups. Sandra is a very genuine, heart-felt person that makes a daily difference in the lives that she touches by supporting the philosophies of Maria Montessori, Positive psychology and world peace!"



"I just met Sandra and it was like I'd known her for years. She was able to break through the surface layer stuff and get straight to the heart of what was and was not working for me in terms of setting boundaries. Sandra helped me pull up specific moments where I was frustrated and felt like my boundaries were being ignored, which helped me see what and who I truly value. Knowing what I value most, helped me set clearer boundaries in both my work and my life. Sandra is one of the wisest women I know! She will hold space for you and push you, in the gentlest way, to show up as your true self."

Devan danielle, Brand Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs


“Being in a Montessori School Leader Small Group lead by Sandra, has been an amazing experience! It has been so comforting and supportive to find out there are others who are experiencing similar struggles. You are not alone! The connection our group has developed with each other is truly unique. This is largely due to Sandra challenging us to explore, and to open up in a very safe and trusting environment.  She has helped us not only to face the issues, but to find solutions. Sandra guides us to identify small attainable steps we can take every day to elicit positive changes whether it is within ourselves through finding peace, kindness, and grounding in our busy lives, or implementing a new program or policy at the school. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking for an opportunity for growth and support, who may be burned out or in need of inspiration. Sandra has a unique talent of helping us get back to the Montessori State of Mind!”   



“As new parents, my husband and I are grateful to have found Sandra who is guiding us through the challenging "terrible two's."  She has helped us minimize our son's defiant behaviors, including screeching, hitting and disobedience. Sandra has helped us to understand the patterns of behavior not only in our child but in ourselves.

I relate parenting to yoga: practice, not perfection.  We now understand it's inevitable we will fall short at times, but Sandra has provided us the tools to immediately get back on track without the added weight of guilt, shame or blame.”

Danielle esparza, mom to 2-year old oliver


"Working with Sandra has been such an unexpected gift to myself. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but assumed that working with subjects like limits, boundaries and our old stories, would be all about how we let others treat us. But what Sandra gave me was a way to look deeper inside  and how to really listen to your own inner voice and not the negative stories we've taken on over the years. Sandra has a wonderful gift for seeing you exactly as you are, honoring that space, and guiding you with love to your true self."

Emily Yarush, mama & business owner


"Working with Sandra has been the best decision I've made as a parent. I've seen a dramatic decrease in the number of tantrums my daughter has and I can see her building self-confidence and motivation. Sandra's expertise and knowledge of early childhood development has equipped me with the tools to avoid meltdowns. Her one-to-one coaching is custom tailored to my unique challenges with my daughter and she has guidance for every milestone and obstacle Ellie faces. After our first session, I saw immediate results. Her intuitive and simple approach to parenting has helped me observe my own behavior and make small changes so that I can be the best parent I can be. Working with Sandra has transformed my daughter from a little trouble-maker to a big helper! Before working with Sandra, I was constantly wondering if I could improve on my parenting. What am I doing wrong? Why won't she get dressed in the morning? Is this normal? How do I get her to listen? It's not that I thought I wasn't a good parent, it's that I knew how incredibly important the first 6 years of life are and how much influence I have on building my daughter's foundation in life. Now, I don't have a running commentary of questions in my mind. I am confident in my parenting and my daughter is learning how to process emotions and is engaged in joyful activities all day long. Working with Sandra has taken away my self-doubt. I no longer second guess my decisions and feel confident that I am doing all I can to be the best mom to Ellie and am setting her up for success. I cannot praise her enough and recommend her to every parent with full confidence.”

laura, mom to 20-month-old ellie


"I recently started my own Montessori Toddler program. Initially, I felt overwhelmed and had a hard time organizing my thoughts and ideas. Fortunately, I found Sandra at an early stage of this journey. After every session, I’ve felt so much more focused, inspired and lighter. I don’t know how she does it, but in each session she helps me find the tools that I need in that moment to move forward. I have to be honest that it hasn’t been easy to change habits or make changes in my life. However, walking along with someone like Sandra, with so much peace, full of love, so positive and so patient, my journey has been more enjoyable and rewarding! Thank you my friend!"

Veronica Martinez, Owner of Kindred Montessori School 


"I appreciate the honesty, integrity and cheerfulness that Sandra brings, so I jumped at the opportunity to participate in her “Limits and Boundaries” workshop when she so thoughtfully invited me to join it. This started as a one-time workshop, but we all loved it so much that Sandra offered to extend it to six sessions. My favorite topic so far has been about examining and releasing the “stories” we tell ourselves that keep us small, so that we can fully step into our power. I can’t recommend Sandra’s workshops enough; I feel like a totally different person than I was when the workshop started. Thank you Sandra, I adore you!"

Sarah Wright, yoga instructor


"I am the proud mom of an 18 month-old angel. Motherhood has been the most important and rewarding role in my entire life, but it has also been more challenging than I ever imagined. My journey as a mom is just beginning and I’ve learned that there are amazing resources to make it easier. Sandra is definitely one of those resources! I had the privilege to attend one of her workshops and was inspired by her knowledge, authenticity and heart warmth. She guided us through so many topics and gave us a whole new perspective on children’s expectations, challenges and needs. She also provided several practical tools to support their development at home. I would recommend her services and am looking forward to learning more from her."

Carolina, mom to 18-month-old daniel


"Sandra has been a real guide in my business. She has an enthusiasm to help you grow both personally and professionally. Sandra uses the Montessori philosophy, so you can address obstacles that are holding you back today. During sessions, you come up with tools that will help you on a daily basis and in the end, she is simply asking questions, guiding you where you need to go and helping you discover what is already known! As a Montessori educator and new business owner, it has really been an eye-opening and wonderful experience to be working alongside Sandra, most of all because of her personality and love for what she does! If you choose to work with Sandra, you will truly experience an inner strength that will help you change for the better and be more at peace with yourself. Thank you Mrs. Sandra for being such a great support. I know that many Montessorians are going to benefit from the work you do."

Carolina Guardia, Owner of SISU Support Center for Families in Costa Rica


"I met Sandra during a seminar she was hosting, and truth be told I was a bit skeptical over the seminar since people have been raising kids forever without seminars, but I thought more knowledge can't hurt and went. Sandra spoke about changes toddlers go through during her seminar, what to expect and how to help stimulate and build your child during this critical time period. The biggest take away I took from the seminar is that our toddlers are no longer babies but rather little people. While they can't quite speak eloquently yet they still have the ability to understand us and want to be a part of our world so communicating with them and integrating them into our activities is key. Later Sandra did a video call session with me where I had a chance to have a more personalized chat with her. I changed many things in my day to day to fit Sandra's suggestions and the advice she gave was actually priceless. A few examples: I always give a 10, 5 or 1 minute shout out before leaving anywhere instead of just taking my toddler and going; we bought Skye a little piano so she can sit next to her father when he is playing his big piano; and we reorganized her room and play area to make toys more accessible and put away toys that where for babies. These are just a few examples of changes we made following meeting with Sandra - and it has done wonders! Skye is so engaged throughout the day and is truly tired out when it comes to bed/naptime. It's a beautiful thing to see; in turn making Skye a happier girl and us the happiest parents. I will definitely be using Sandra's counseling services as Skye continues to grow and blossom into a little girl, and would recommend her to anyone who is a caring parent looking to understand these transitional periods and do right by their child."

Batel, mom to 18-month-old skye


“Sandra is a rare person in this world. Her unique blend of professional and personal traits allows her to be a tremendous professional as well as leader in her community. What really sets her apart is her compassion, her ability to engage and her empathy for where you happen to be that day. I don’t know whether Sandra realizes the positive impact she has on the people that see her everyday, but she is truly an honest, positive, earnest being. She embodies the values I wish to see in my community, and her reflection can be seen in all the parents, children and families she touches.”

The Fong family


"Every time I leave a session I feel inspired, motivated and grounded. Sandra has provided me with tools, helping me to discipline my daughter in a productive way that has also helped me on my journey of self –realization. I would recommend Sandra to anyone looking to better their lives, and the lives of their families through her model of Whole Family Wellness. She is a lovely being."



"Having Sandra in our lives, not only as a family coach, but someone we could count on with anything we threw her way, was such an enlightening learning experience. There is nothing quite like it. The time and the effort that she put into our family wasn’t just a ‘per session’ thing nor a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Sandra really took everything into consideration when planning our sessions and helped us learn through the whole process. She gave us the tools to continue to grow and learn as a family. We are so incredibly grateful to have worked with her. Thank you Miss Sandra!”

"Children don’t come with handbooks when they’re born, or at least we never got one when our boys were born. We had an idea of what kind of parents we wanted to be, but getting there was the tough and confusing part. Sandra didn’t only help us do this, but she helped us improve on our lifestyles as well. Getting more organized with our time and helping us figure out simple solutions that helped us tremendously. Having her outside perspective was invigorating and eye opening.”



"My husband and I reached out to Sandra at a time when we felt we were struggling with our teenagers. We were disagreeing and arguing with the kids frequently and also struggled to get them to help around the house. It really felt like the “teenage years” were in full swing. At our initial meeting, we felt so comfortable with Sandra. We were able to open up to her immediately. She never made us feel badly about our past choices and decisions. On the contrary, she made us feel understood and validated. Even when my husband and I didn’t agree on an issue, Sandra made it okay. She helped us understand how to interact with our kids in a more positive way. Through our sessions, I could feel I was becoming more patient with our kids. My favorite part of the process was when Sandra worked with our kids in our home. I could see that they responded well to the way she spoke to them and trusted them with responsibility. When my children were given the opportunity to excel, they did. I can’t tell you how much working with Ms. Sandra has changed the life of my family and how much I have learned from this experience. Thank you, Ms. Sandra!"

The Gerardo family