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A Montessori State of Mind

While this group is closed, an online group will be opening in Spring 2018. Fill out the introductory form to see if small group coaching is a fit for you & your school community. 

Group Coaching for Montessori Leaders 

You are a Montessori educator & school leader who strives to:

  • Create a community where children, teachers and parents feel purposeful, joyful and connected.
  • Foster peace and minimize conflict & struggle in the day to day running of a school.
  • Bring together parents who are excited about all things Montessori and want to bring the philosophy home.

But recently you may be feeling:

  • Tired and isolated with all the responsibility falling on your shoulders.
  • Discouraged by similar issues that seem to repeat themselves.
  • Not as connected to the joy & passion you once had for this work.

And you’re not alone. I’ve had similar experiences and in my work with Heads of School & Administrators continue to hear these shared feelings and realities.

So let’s make time to work toward the vision and goals that you have for your school community. Let’s make time to support YOU! 

We will do this in intimate small group sessions by:

  • Connecting and reflecting with other Montessori leaders who “get it” and are ready for change.
  • Sharing a positive space to support and be supported while creating solutions as a group.
  • Developing an action oriented purposeful plan for your unique vision.
  • Covering important topics like time organization & your ideal week, limits & boundaries, building community with parents & staff and parent education.

What you can expect:

  • A small intimate group coaching experience, only 5 spaces
  • Bi-monthly 1.5 hour group sessions in January, February and March. (Time & location to be determined through onboarding survey)
  • A 1.5 hour 1-1 session with Sandra to focus on a topic of your choice. 
  • Investment is $75 per month November to March.