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A Montessori State of Mind

Two groups will run April, May and June- a Heads of School group and a Classroom Guides group. Fill out this introductory form by Friday, March 23 to see if small group coaching is a fit for you! 

Online Small Group Coaching for Montessori Women

You are a Montessori educator or school leader who strives to:

  • Create a community where children, teachers and parents feel purposeful, joyful and connected.
  • Foster peace and minimize conflict & struggle in the day-to-day experiences at a school.
  • Bring together parents who are excited about all things Montessori and want to bring the philosophy home.

But recently you may be feeling:

  • Tired and isolated with so much responsibility falling on your shoulders. 
  • Discouraged by similar issues that seem to repeat themselves.
  • Not as connected to the joy & passion you once had for this work.

And you’re not alone. I’ve had similar experiences over the years and in my work with Heads of Schools & Classroom Guides, I continue to hear these shared feelings and realities.

So let’s make time to work toward the vision and goals that you have for your school community. Let’s make time to support YOU! 

"Sandra leads her groups with a sense of genuine caring for each person in the group.  Her questions are thought-provoking and lead to amazing self-discoveries. After every group meeting, I come away refreshed with renewed focus and glad that I took the time out of my busy day.  It really helps to see problems from other people's perspectives. It is especially helpful to be in a small group of Montessori Directors that understand (and have) the same problems that I do. The confidentiality and intimacy of the group allows for deep sharing, that you won't get in other support groups. Sandra is a very genuine, heart-felt person that makes a daily difference in the lives that she touches by supporting the philosophies of Maria Montessori, Positive psychology and world peace!"


“Being in a Montessori School Leader Small Group lead by Sandra, has been an amazing experience! It has been so comforting and supportive to find out there are others who are experiencing similar struggles. You are not alone! The connection our group has developed with each other is truly unique. This is largely due to Sandra challenging us to explore, and to open up in a very safe and trusting environment.  She has helped us not only to face the issues, but to find solutions. Sandra guides us to identify small attainable steps we can take every day to elicit positive changes whether it is within ourselves through finding peace, kindness, and grounding in our busy lives, or implementing a new program or policy at the school. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking for an opportunity for growth and support, who may be burned out or in need of inspiration. Sandra has a unique talent of helping us get back to the Montessori State of Mind!”   


We will do this in intimate small group sessions by:

  • Connecting and reflecting with other Montessorians who “get it” and are ready for change.
  • Sharing a positive space to support and be supported while creating solutions as a group.
  • Developing an action oriented purposeful plan for your unique vision.
  • Covering important topics like time organization & your ideal week, limits & boundaries, building community and parent education.

What you can expect:

  • An intimate small group coaching experience with guided activities & handouts. All of my online video coaching is done through Zoom. All you need to do is download the free software to dial in.  
  • Bi-monthly 1.5-hour group sessions in April, May and June (A day & time that works for all members will be chosen through group poll)    
  • A 1-hour 1-1 session with Sandra to focus on your unique journey & needs 
  • Also, by joining this series, you will be invited to one online group breath work session led by Amy Kurtesky where you will get to learn and try out breathwork in the privacy of your own home. I'm teaming up with Amy to support my clients mind, body & soul! 
  • Monthly payments of $75 (March to July) or a one-time payment of $375   
  • Only 5 spaces per group 
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