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The Stories We Tell


A Guided Recording, Live Office Hours and A Virtual Breathwork Class

In my work with women over the years, from mothers, to educators to the helpers & givers, I've seen a common thread that runs through all these different experiences and often holds women back. It's the negative and self-doubting stories that we tell about ourselves, our children and our families that keep us stuck. 

While these stories look different for each woman, they impact us in similar ways...

  • Existing underneath our frustrations, struggles or stresses in our daily lives.

  • Disguising themselves as our limits & boundaries issues or expectations. 

  • Blocking us from being our most honest, real and joyful selves at whatever life stage we may be in as women.

  • Holding us back from living a life where we feel purposeful, joyful and connected.

So let’s break free from these tired old stories. Let’s write some new stories that make us vibe high and resonate with us on that deeper soul level. 


And that is what we are going to do in this two-part online offering!

Part 1 is all about exploring those stories and making the time to do this intentional work. You'll receive an online recording similar to my in-person workshop experience. Imagine a guided activity where you are encouraged to journal out that inner knowing. You’ll get to have this experience from the comfort of your home and really take the time to meet yourself where you are. You will then be invited to small group office hours over Zoom where we will explore these stories together and delve a little deeper in a safe space. 

Part 2 is all about shifting and releasing what is no longer serving you. From firsthand experiences with breathwork, I have been able to release a lot of these old stories and the stress that comes with them. That is why I’ve invited Amy Kuretsky to lead us in a live virtual breathwork session where you will learn how to use breathwork, an active meditation technique, to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition as you move your energy through your body. You can read about some of her clients’ experiences here.

My breath work session with Amy was so insightful; I’m still raving about it to all of my boss friends. I’d done breath work before but this completely changed my self-care game.

Leading up to our session I knew I was having some trust issues; that I should trust myself, my skills, my direction, but until our session that trust piece didn’t feel like it was really in reach. Whatever happened energetically during our session shook the walls of my belief system around trust & abundance. I know I still have some work to do but the idea of trust actually feels real now.

I’ve now begun to notice when old beliefs come up -and just like I would with diet culture- I’ve been calling that sh*t out. Whereas before I wasn’t even noticing those beliefs creep in. Our session brought me more awareness around my beliefs and cleared out a whole bunch of emotional blockages for me to be able to rewire those beliefs.

Working with Sandra has been such an unexpected gift to myself. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but assumed that working with subjects like limits, boundaries and our old stories, would be all about how we let others treat us. But what Sandra gave me was a way to look deeper inside  and how to really listen to your own inner voice and not the negative stories we’ve taken on over the years. Sandra has a wonderful gift for seeing you exactly as you are, honoring that space, and guiding you with love to your true self.

I appreciate the honesty, integrity and cheerfulness that Sandra brings, so I jumped at the opportunity to participate in her “Limits and Boundaries” workshop when she so thoughtfully invited me to join it. This started as a one-time workshop, but we all loved it so much that Sandra offered to extend it to six sessions. My favorite topic so far has been about examining and releasing the “stories” we tell ourselves that keep us small, so that we can fully step into our power. I can’t recommend Sandra’s workshops enough; I feel like a totally different person than I was when the workshop started. Thank you Sandra, I adore you!

I just met Sandra and it was like I’d known her for years. She was able to break through the surface layer stuff and get straight to the heart of what was and was not working for me in terms of setting boundaries. Sandra helped me pull up specific moments where I was frustrated and felt like my boundaries were being ignored, which helped me see what and who I truly value. Knowing what I value most, helped me set clearer boundaries in both my work and my life. Sandra is one of the wisest women I know! She will hold space for you and push you, in the gentlest way, to show up as your true self.


This is a fit for you if:

  • You have been wanting to explore the stories you tell that may be holding you back in some aspect of your life be it parenting, relationships, work or self-love. 

  • You are craving some time & space to really connect with yourself and your inner knowledge & wisdom.  

  • You would like to learn how to use breathwork to shift and release these old stories and energies that are held in the body.

This purchase includes:

  • One online recording to help you explore the stories that you tell that you will receive via email on Saturday, April 7th (no special software or apps needed)

  • An invitation to sign up for one of the several office hours that will be held the month of April where you can explore your stories in a small group setting.

  • One live virtual breathwork class led by Amy Kuretsky on Tuesday, April 10th at 6:00 pm PST. A recording will go out after class to all who have purchased this offering.

What you’ll need:

  • A computer to play the audio recording and to download Zoom (a free online software), so you can video call into the office hours, as well as the breathwork class.  

  • A quiet, safe and comfortable place for the guided activity, as well as the breathwork session.

  • A pen and paper.

  • An open mind, an open heart and some self-love as you explore your stories and release old ones through your journaling, small group coaching and breathwork experiences.


  • What is Breathwork? Breathwork is a three part active breath that helps release stuck emotions and limiting beliefs. It is similar to Kundalini pranayama in that it elevates the energy of the body to a higher vibration and truth.

  • I'm shy! Will everyone be able to see and/or hear me during the Breathwork?? Nope! Everyone's microphones will be muted (other than Amy's) and everyone will be lying down on their bed/couch/yoga mat and so focused on their own healing they won't be watching the screen.

  • Do I need anything special for the Breathwork? Only you and a comfortable, quiet and uninterrupted place to breathe. Some folks prefer to keep a blanket nearby in case they get cold and use an eye covering of some sort - but those props are meant for added comfort and preference.


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