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Group coaching & workshops for businesses, organizations and schools


Let’s work from the inside out.

How we feel affects how we feel & show up in all areas of life. But so often we don’t make the time to slow down and check-in with our needs as individuals let alone as a community or team. Think of these as mental & emotional wellness workshops that allow the team to connect, reflect and leave feeling more positive, peaceful and joyful.


Imagine a customized coaching & workshop experience around the specific needs of your community!


After an initial Zoom call, we choose the focus of the workshop and how to best support the needs of your business. What you can expect is a thoughtful & intentional session around that theme or topic at your place of work.

Clients have shared that group coaching & workshops helped their community to:

  • Connect and communicate on a deeper level and in an easy & safe way

  • Feel refreshed & inspired with renewed focus

  • Get in touch with individual needs, as well as needs as a community  

  • Feel a stronger sense of being a team and on the same page


Consider booking a workshop in lieu of a staff meeting, training or social outing. Now scheduling wellness workshops for May, June & July.

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