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I'm a family coach and I help parents and kids feel more purposeful & connected. When kids & parents feel purposeful & connected, your family feels happy & whole.


“Sandra is a rare person in this world. Her unique blend of professional and personal traits allows her to be a tremendous professional as well as leader in her community. What really sets her apart is her compassion, her ability to engage and her empathy for where you happen to be that day. I don’t know whether Sandra realizes the positive impact she has on the people that see her everyday, but she is truly an honest, positive, earnest being. She embodies the values I wish to see in my community, and her reflection can be seen in all the parents, children and families she touches.”


The Fong Family


"Every time I leave a session I feel inspired, motivated and grounded. Sandra has provided me with tools, helping me to discipline my daughter in a productive way that has also helped me on my journey of self –realization. I would recommend Sandra to anyone looking to better their lives, and the lives of their families through her model of Whole Family Wellness. She is a lovely being."




Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, I want to guide you to trust your own parenting style, with less stress and more confidence – while learning to listen, communicate and relate with your kids.

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