I’m Sandra and I combine intuitive coaching, inner-child work and the Montessori philosophy to help women finally trust themselves, their needs and their inner knowing.    

Because we all have the power, knowledge and answers inside, but we’ve been taught along the way to quiet that inner voice. Emotional work and spiritual work is real work. And it has the power to create real change in your life.

It’s time to step into that power, lady.
It’s time to show up as your best & most real self.


I've been really enjoying my work with Sandra. Though I've been the Director at my school for 10 years, I recognize I always have more to learn and more growth to achieve. I asked Sandra to consult with me as a Director just because I like to brainstorm new ideas with people, it helps me to finalize my thoughts. But I was surprised to find a whole lot more happened organically. Sandra asks questions, she's really, really good at it. She repeats what you say in a different way and then asks you to engage the topic on a whole new level. In my first session with her, I learned things about myself as a person and director that I hadn't known. Pretty much blew my mind. A similar thing happened our second session and I eagerly look forward to our third. She's helped me with ideas, as I hoped, but now I see there's more to engage and learn. I'm so glad to have found her. Sandra is also really great when meeting with families. I had her give a workshop to some new parents. Again, she asked those questions! I'm used to lecturing, telling parents what I think they should know. But I can't wait to try her "tricks" in engaging parents by asking them questions. I see they get a lot more out of the process.




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