“We had the pleasure of having Sandra as a facilitator for our preschool’s workshop series on different parenting topics. She did such a great job that I felt I could benefit from 1-1 coaching with her. At the time, I was struggling to find the right tools to lead a group of employees and Sandra helped me with this work; She is a great listener and helps guide you towards finding the answers to questions/problems that you may be struggling with. Since coaching, I have felt more confident in my interactions and am able to empower my staff to problem solve and work collaboratively. I am also working on setting aside time to really focus on balancing my work, family and myself. Coaching has also helped me set goals, as well as hold myself and others accountable. Coaching with Sandra will open your eyes to finding out more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies to help you become a better leader, mother and wife. I would recommend coaching with Sandra to anyone who needs guidance in making sure that they are reaching their full potential.”

Paige Kratz, Owner of Seaside Preschool

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"When I started working with Sandra, I was feeling stuck in my own skin. I was looking to reinvent myself and my business and I was frustrated with my progress. While I was hesitant in doing this work because coaching sessions gently push me to be uncomfortable, I have recognized that being uncomfortable leads me to define an issue, address it, and move through it. Through the coaching process, I have worked to replace many negative limiting beliefs with positive ones… and it is becoming easier to do so. Coaching has given me a deeper insight into myself and I now look forward to my hour with Sandra each week.  

I would recommend coaching with Sandra to anyone who is struggling with self-esteem, confidence, business/work, time management, raising children or needs a life tune up (that's everyone) … It can all be put into perspective with a little coaching to get you on track. Sandra has an innate ability to help you see your own wisdom and solve your own problems. Coaching keeps you accountable to yourself. There may be fear in talking to someone you don’t know, and digging up issues you don’t want to address or deal with, but you will be so grateful to feel free. Let Sandra help you clear out some space for positive, clean, new energy. You are worth it." 

Kirsten Prunty, Founder & Owner of The Undercarriage Mobile

“I was really blown away by The Stories We Tell Ourselves. I’ve had a one-on-one session with Sandra, as well as participated in a parenting series she held, so I knew I would enjoy this offering. But wow… When I listened to her guided recording, I was shocked by how much came up and just how relevant it was. It felt like she was sitting next to me on my couch coaching me personally. This is a recording I will definitely be re-visiting throughout the year for other stories that are playing in the background. I’m telling all my friends about this online offering. You won’t regret signing up.”

Kiersten Markham, Birth Doula, Pre and Perinatal Educator & Craniosacral Therapist

“I was drawn to this offering because I took Sandra’s Limits and Boundaries in-person workshop series and I just love the way she helps women look at their limiting beliefs and stories without ever making them feel judged or unsafe. You can tell within moments of meeting Sandra that her intention is pure and is simply to be helpful and loving to women who are interested in doing the emotional work to get free form their old stories and improve their lives.

The recording was life-changing and I’m glad I could do it on my own time as my schedule can fill up pretty fast. It was actually very nice to have the recording so that I could pause it at the times when I needed more time to write without feeling like I was holding up the group. I felt totally supported, and am grateful to have the recording available to me in the future when I have a specific story to sort out.

The breathwork was a total game-changer. Since I do many spiritual practices that include breathwork, I was actually surprised at how much came up for me during the breathwork, specifically around the issue/story that I worked on during Sandra’s recording. It’s been a couple weeks since I did Sandra’s recording and the breathwork, and I have experienced some lasting changes in the story that I worked on. Meaning, it hasn’t come up for me! The recording helped to identify the story, and the breathwork helped to clear it and rewrite a new story.

Working with Sandra is a treat, whether in-person or online. The quality of her offerings is always top-notch, and I know her intention and passion is to help women release their limiting beliefs and step into their power. I love talking with Sandra real-time, because she’s an amazing person and friend, but I’d say doing her recorded work is just as powerful. I know Sandra always brings authenticity and love to the work she does.

This offering is so valuable, and such a good tool to have in the spiritual toolkit. Like I said, I’ve experienced an almost total shift in the particular story I worked on during the recording and breathwork. I’m so excited to use these tools again when the next limiting story that’s ready to be released reveals itself to me.”


“During an impromptu coaching session focused on setting boundaries in work and life, Sandra was able to help me uncover old stories and ‘rules’ I had been following from my past that no longer served me, my business or my family.  So when I saw that Sandra created an offering to help me uncover my old stories through coaching and take it a step further with breathwork, I knew I needed to go for it!

I was a little worried about journaling my answers instead of verbally talking them out, but the prompts and the amount of time given to take notes after each question forced to me dig deeper and go beyond surface level. I was able to pull out a ton of stories from my childhood and see the thread between each one. There was something fierce about putting pencil to the paper and writing my new story. Sandra’s coaching style is the perfect combination. It's like a loving kick in the butt! It forced me to be kind to myself while trudging up those old stories, as well as be bold about making new stories that actually serve me. 

Coaching paired with the breathwork allowed me to get very transparent and real with myself about what I believe and where I'm headed in life and business. I'm ready to show up as my 100% transparent, authentic self and share my beliefs with the world regardless of what others think.

Sandra is an incredible soul. From the moment I met her, it was like we had been friends for years. She is supportive, kind and feisty and helps me look at things in a new light. I'm so thankful Sandra is showing up in the world to do this work and share it with us. If you're ready to invest in yourself and stop letting old stories hold you back, Sandra is the woman to help you get there!”


"Working with Sandra has been such an unexpected gift to myself. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but assumed that working with subjects like limits, boundaries and our old stories, would be all about how we let others treat us. But what Sandra gave me was a way to look deeper inside  and how to really listen to your own inner voice and not the negative stories we've taken on over the years. Sandra has a wonderful gift for seeing you exactly as you are, honoring that space, and guiding you with love to your true self."


"I recently started my own business. Initially, I felt overwhelmed and had a hard time organizing my thoughts and ideas. Fortunately, I found Sandra at an early stage of this journey. After every session, I’ve felt so much more focused, inspired and lighter. I don’t know how she does it, but in each session she helps me find the tools that I need in that moment to move forward. I have to be honest that it hasn’t been easy to change habits or make changes in my life. However, walking along with someone like Sandra, with so much peace, full of love, so positive and so patient, my journey has been more enjoyable and rewarding!"


"Sandra's ability to listen - to really listen - allowed me to work through my personal issues with setting and enforcing boundaries without feeling judged or ashamed. She was able to pull out the core issue holding me back from implementing certain boundaries I've been struggling with for years! I walked away with more clarity and a few actionable steps to help me work towards a healthier relationship with setting my own limits."


“Being in a Montessori School Leader Small Group lead by Sandra, has been an amazing experience! It has been so comforting and supportive to find out there are others who are experiencing similar struggles. You are not alone! The connection our group has developed with each other is truly unique. This is largely due to Sandra challenging us to explore, and to open up in a very safe and trusting environment.  She has helped us not only to face the issues, but to find solutions. Sandra guides us to identify small attainable steps we can take every day to elicit positive changes whether it is within ourselves through finding peace, kindness, and grounding in our busy lives, or implementing a new program or policy at the school. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking for an opportunity for growth and support, who may be burned out or in need of inspiration. Sandra has a unique talent of helping us get back to the Montessori State of Mind!”   


"Sandra has been a real guide in my business. She has an enthusiasm to help you grow both personally and professionally. Sandra uses the Montessori philosophy, so you can address obstacles that are holding you back today. During sessions, you come up with tools that will help you on a daily basis and in the end, she is simply asking questions, guiding you where you need to go and helping you discover what is already known! As a Montessori educator and new business owner, it has really been an eye-opening and wonderful experience to be working alongside Sandra, most of all because of her personality and love for what she does! If you choose to work with Sandra, you will truly experience an inner strength that will help you change for the better and be more at peace with yourself. Thank you Mrs. Sandra for being such a great support. I know that many Montessorians are going to benefit from the work you do."


“As new parents, my husband and I are grateful to have found Sandra who is guiding us through the challenging "terrible two's."  She has helped us minimize our son's defiant behaviors, including screeching, hitting and disobedience. Sandra has helped us to understand the patterns of behavior not only in our child but in ourselves.

I relate parenting to yoga: practice, not perfection.  We now understand it's inevitable we will fall short at times, but Sandra has provided us the tools to immediately get back on track without the added weight of guilt, shame or blame.”


"My husband and I recently attended Sandra's parenting toddlers series. If you're a parent, you know how much energy it takes to raise your's non-stop. What I appreciated most about the series was it gave me space and time to reflect on how we are parenting our son. Sometimes we know what to do but we forget in the busyness of life  and need a reminder. Sandra offered a space to learn and reflect. Going each week held me accountable to the things I wanted to change and implement. It was so wonderful to have Sandra's perspective and guidance. I really feel like I have tools to draw from in this new toddler stage. I highly recommend this series, I'd love to take it again!"