Hi, I’m Sandra! I help women realize they already have the power, knowledge and answers inside so they can stop looking to others for approval and validation and finally trust themselves.

I’ve had to learn how to trust myself over the years, because I didn’t for so long. I used to look to others for the answers.

And when those answers didn’t resonate with what I knew deep down, my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies rebelled. They rebelled like crazy. And it was exhausting.

Through my own emotional and spiritual work, I began to see how experiences and events spanning over decades were impacting the beliefs I held about myself, others and the world.  

I was boxed in by old stories that simply weren’t true. And those stories & beliefs were ultimately impacting my daily life and keeping me small.

The more I acknowledged, sat with and worked through these deeper beliefs, the more I was able to release. And the more I released, the more I began to trust my whole self fully and completely.  


And I want to help you do the same… slowly, lovingly and consistently. Because trust me when I say, you are so much greater than that box. Your gifts and your light are so much bigger than what that tiny box can hold and it’s time to bust out, love bug!


It’s time to be the real & whole you.  

Whether you are a mama, leader, teacher or healer, we aren’t meant to do this work alone. I know how much you give. I also know that asking for support takes strength & courage.


My gifts, experiences and trainings


Intuitive coaching

We all have gifts. Being sensitive and intuitive is one of mine. I tap into this ability of seeing clarity in the darkness to help you connect to that deeper wisdom that is often hidden, but that we all can access. Coaching and guiding in this way gives you permission to connect to your inner knowing in a way that feels safe and easy.


Inner-child work

We all have this little one inside and she often plays a role in how we live outwardly. Many of those struggles & blocks start here, so we are going to acknowledge how her unmet needs, beliefs and perceptions are impacting our adult life. We are going to treat her with the utmost respect, love and patience that all children deserve.  


Montessori philosophy

We apply Montessori’s philosophy & method, my background in child development and experiences working with parents, children and teachers over the years to our work. Just as we do in Montessori, we are going to meet you where you are, trust in the process, and see you as the whole person that you have always been.



More about Sandra

  • I completed my Master's in Education with a specialization in Montessori education from Loyola College in Maryland and have both AMI Toddler (birth to 3 years of age) and AMI Primary (3-6 years of age) diplomas from The Montessori Institute of San Diego. Working with children has been the greatest gift! It not only forced me to deal with my own stuff, but has taught me how our unmet needs, experiences and beliefs as kiddos impact our adult life.

  • I completed my undergrad education at the University of Michigan in Communication Studies and French Studies. I initially had dreams of being a journalist, travelling the world using my French, Spanish and tiny bit of Arabic and capturing all sorts of stories! In many ways, I’m living out this dream.

  • I have worked in Toddler classrooms (18 months-3 years), Primary classrooms (3-6 years), in Administration running a Montessori school and most recently as a Family Coach working with both families and schools as a coach and consultant. It’s through this work that I’ve reached this point. You can read more about my journey through Montessori here, here and here.    

  • I have been developing my own self-care, emotional and spiritual practices since I was a child. It started with my first book on Ayurveda as a kid and since then includes a variety of practices and modalities. I’m a big fan of having lots of tools in your tool belt. Some of mine are transcendental meditation, breathwork, stream of consciousness journaling and a plant based diet. I’m such a believer in the power of Breathwork, an active meditation technique, that I completed the Level 1 training where we learned to fall deeper into our practice, as well as teach this technique 1-1!



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