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"I’ve found coaching with Sandra to be really helpful in helping me make changes in areas I feel I haven’t been doing so well in over the course of many years.

At first I was a little reluctant to commit to weekly sessions and the financial and time commitment required but I decided to go for it and be as all in as I could.

I’m really glad I did. Sandra is lovely and easy to talk to but still pushes me to look a bit deeper. Each session has been different and tailored to what I needed on that day and even thinking about what I actually needed was a positive change for me. I’m 9 sessions in now and have found that each session has built on the last (even when they don’t seem that related) and that I’m even making positive changes even in areas of my life we haven’t touched much on in sessions. I’m pretty sure that is due to the change in the conversation I’m having with myself. All in all I’m feeling a lot more in control of my life and I’m really loving the feelings that brings. When things inevitably come up now that I don’t feel comfortable with or bring up uncomfortable feelings I’m finding it easier to recognise and cope with.

I still have stuff I want to work on – and always will - but I’m positive about the future and really enthused about my ability to make changes (with a little help from coaching when required!). I’d recommend coaching to anyone looking to make a change, small or massive, that is finding it difficult. One session was great but the series of sessions has really exceeded my expectations." 


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