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Kick Fear in the Face

Fear based living is the worst. And it’s pretty much the norm. We are taught to worry about everything, especially as women. We have a whole culture putting their fears on us and before we know it everyone else’s fears somehow become our own. 

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Review of Monti Kids

Monti Kids has done a wonderful job of taking the birth to 3 years Montessori training program and packaging it into online videos & tutorials alongside their materials which are practically replicas from the training. They have done so for both parents & educators alike which is awesome because we all have different reasons for needing a program like this.

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Why Montessori

I recently had the opportunity to be on an Alumni panel for my former Montessori training center. As graduates we were asked to speak about our varied experiences with the Montessori training and life after the training… In effect, why Montessori? The one takeaway that I returned to for prospective students time and time again was that Montessori is an amazing educational philosophy and practice, but most importantly is a way of life.

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