Kick Fear in the Face

For years, I lived from fear. And it sounded something like this... 

You want to go on that bad ass road trip to the mountains? That sounds rad… but what if (insert scariest outcome possible) happens. 
You are starting your own business? Yep! But let’s hash through all the terrible things that can happen together because hitting those worst case scenarios is a good idea, right? 

You are going to work with that healer/chiropractor/therapist/acupuncturist/etc.? Yes, I'm so stoked about it... but I am starting to doubt if I should trust that professional, because you're bringing up "good points" and by good, I mean terrifying. 
Fear based living is the worst. And it’s pretty much the norm. We are taught to worry about everything, especially as women. We have a whole culture putting their fears on us and before we know it everyone else’s fears somehow become our own. 
Fear based living prevents us from living our best life. It keeps us small and boxed in with walls of limiting beliefs. It keeps us frozen and disconnected from ourselves.
About a year and half ago, I started this journey of intentionally and mindfully working from love and not fear. Acting from love and not fear. Choosing love instead of fear. And as I did the work, I started seeing change.

That looked like: 

  • Moving from feelings of frustration, stress and worry to feelings of lightness, clarity and joy. 

  • Doing more of the work that I wanted to be doing instead of the work that I felt like I should be doing. Not just “family coaching” but really supporting all women from all walks of life to live their best life and show up as their best selves. 

  • Trusting myself, my intuition and all those gut feelings. 

  • Being seriously grateful for this moment right now instead of looking back at the past with sadness or the future with worry. 

And the more that I fell into love and shifted to love, the more I could see the women I work with doing it too.

I saw them: 

  • Choosing to act from love and shifting from their old beliefs to their new truths. 

  • Stepping into themselves in deeper ways and connecting to what lights them up and brings them joy.  

  • Loving their whole selves in ways they hadn’t before, instead of rejecting those sides that aren't as "pretty."  

  • Creating serious, positive and tangible changes in all aspects of their lives from work to wellness to family. 

And as these women reconnected to themselves, their joy and their power, they started to shine and live in ways they didn't even think were possible.

And that's why I want to help you kick fear in the face. Because life is really too short to spend days, months and years feeling like a mediocre version of ourselves. I know because I've been there. 
So where do you find yourself acting from fear and telling those bad stories? Where do you feel you are holding yourself back? And how do you want to be living and feeling instead? 

Keep well,