Intuitive Healing & Coaching for Women

I'm dropping in today to share a bit of what has been going on for me behind-the-scenes. And I'm pretty excited about it! 

A couple months ago, I started to feel a shift taking place in my business and well I guess you could say in my life. If you know me, then you know I believe all the things are connected… how we feel is connected to how we parent/work/lead, etc. 

I tried to ignore it at the start, but the voice got louder and louder. 

So I decided to start paying attention. And what unfolded was this…. 

8 plus years of working with parents, teachers and children has led me to really own what it is I do in my work and how I do it differently. And that has led me to... 

Intuitive healing & coaching for women who are ready to stop looking to others for approval and validation and finally trust themselves. 

So I’m organically shifting in this direction. It’s the same work I’ve been doing all along and now I’m just calling it what it really is. 

I help women, who feel stuck, boxed in by old stories and unsupported, to realize they already have the power, knowledge and answers inside. 
What I’ve found is there is a lot of overlap between my work in Montessori with families, children and teachers and this intuitive coaching work with women.  
Some of those similarities look like: 

  • Meeting you where you are right in this moment. 
  • Guiding, shifting and redirecting energy in the coaching process, so you may connect with your greatest needs, as well as your greater potential. I'm helping along the way, but you're the one doing the real awesome work. 
  • Working from love and using my sensitivity to support you and pick up on things that others may not see or feel. 
  • Keeping tabs on my ego at all times and checking myself when needed. One of the very best things my work with children taught me. 
  • Really supporting you in this greater spiritual work, as I support myself to do the work too. We are all in process!  

So my values of realness, guidance and trust are the same. My vision and intuitive coaching, guiding and healing work is the same. 
However, there are going to be some changes taking place over the next months to my visuals, services and offerings. I’m upgrading to serve you better and keep that love, light and joy in this work. 

It’s awesome having you on this journey with me. 

Surround yourself with what lights you up. I know that's what I’m doing. 
Keep well,