Review of Monti Kids

While this is a review of Monti Kids, it’s important to note that I was already thrilled from the moment that I discovered them. I’ve been dreaming of a company that would help bring the infant & toddler training to homes and schools. It should be said that I truly only support companies and products that I have used & love and know will help adults to guide children with more purpose and joy. After speaking with Monti Kids CEO, Zahra Kassam, seeing & holding their materials and exploring the online tutorials, I can say that Monti Kids has totally exceeded my expectations. In this post, you’ll hear why I recommend Monti Kids as I share my experiences & insights as a trained infant & toddler educator.

Review of Monti Kids  

Monti Kids has done a wonderful job of taking the birth to 3 years Montessori training program and packaging it into online videos & tutorials alongside their materials which are practically replicas from the training. They have done so for both parents & educators alike which is awesome because we all have different reasons for needing a program like this.

This may be a fit for you if you're...

  • A parent with an infant and understand the importance of supporting his/her development at a young age, but aren’t quite sure where to begin. This program will seriously guide you from the first month and help you understand how to support those needs from the comfort of your home. 

  • A Montessori guide with an infant and are overwhelmed with the idea of finding all the "right" materials to have at home. This is seriously convenient stuff right here! Zahra actually shared with me that this is the exact situation she found herself and was one of her motivations to create the program.

  • A Head of School wanting to support parents during that first year of their children's lives, but don't know how to start those Mommy & Me classes. I am a huge fan of Montessori schools connecting with their communities in this way! Now you can without feeling the stress of where to begin.

After taking time to explore the level 2 materials and online curriculum (for 3 month olds to 6.5 month olds), I thought it would be helpful to share some of my first impressions and experiences.

Here are some aspects of the Monti Kids experience that I love:

  • The Montessori toys are thoughtfully created, made from real materials (wood, cloth, etc.), child safe and age & developmentally appropriate.

  • The video demonstrations are easy to follow. Each demonstration includes 3 aspects: how to present the toy to your child, an explanation of why it’s done this way and lastly real footage of children engaging with these toys in different ways. You'll also learn how to set up your child’s space and how to introduce & rotate toys into their space! 

  • The written descriptions (mini overviews & takeaways) are simple and clear. There are descriptions specifically for each Montessori toy that explain how the toy works (how to use it with the child) and what the research says (why it’s important to do so).

  • There are also additional mini essays and tips that explain the greater developmental needs at this age. For example, in level 2 there is a lovely mini essay on independence: why it’s important for children and how to create moments of independence for your child. This is awesome, as it supports you in understanding the bigger developmental picture while learning more about the Montessori philosophy! 

Here are some points I’d like to highlight and re-emphasize when using this service:

  • Observation is a big part of working with children. When presenting these toys, it’s important to watch for engagement vs. frustration. It’s a balancing act and a skill that takes practice on the part of the adult, knowing when to help a child connect with the material vs. stepping away and allowing a child to explore a material vs. observing frustration and knowing it’s time to take a break. This is an important skill for any parent or educator to work on! 

  • There is so much good information in the video demonstrations and written descriptions. To really get the most out of these lessons, I recommend going through the course several times. You’ll find that you learn something different each time you do this. Keep a notepad nearby and jot down those points that really resonate and stand out for you! 

  • You are the parent, teacher and guide in these situations. You are the one connecting your child to these materials. But it’s the materials that do the real teaching. Once we have done our part, it really is about stepping back and allowing our children to engage on their own. This can sometimes be difficult for us adults. I know I still have my moments. Find a way to remember to do this, be it using a mantra like “I allow my child to explore on her own” or be it physically sitting on your hands to stop yourself from getting involved (this is my go to when needed).

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There are many ways to “Montessori at home.” It may look like working with a Coach like me, following Montessori schools & educators on Instagram for inspiration or finding a Montessori Mommy & Me class in your area. Joining the Monti Kids subscription program is also one of those ways.

Find what works best for you and your family & empowers you as the parent and follow that path. There are so many awesome resources out there. It’s important that the ones you choose meet you where you are as the adult, so you can be the best and most peaceful version of yourself for your child. 

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